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easyjob update 6.8 is here!

Hello everyone,

the new easyjob 6.8 update is available to be downloaded now [Download]! In addition, all new functions will be sorted by category in a detailed list for you on our update page. For information regarding the comprehensive changes to the Time Card Module and for the completely new Workflow Module, the current [manuals] will be ready in the next days to be downloaded.

easyjob and data protection

The topic of data protection has always been very important for us. This applies not only for our products, but also within our company. Your personal data is stored and used exclusively for the purposes of our business relationship.

To ensure that the personal data in your possession is better protected and the mandatory provisions can be observed, you will receive the following new functions with our easyjob 6.8 update:

  • Data cleaning tool
    With our data cleaning tool, you can search your unused data (e.g. contacts) according to certain criteria (e.g. not used for more than 5 years) and delete it. At the Servermanager > Database > Extras > Clean up Database, you can do your individual settings.
  • Neutral display of absences
    There is a neutral indication for absences in the Resource Plan. Illness, vacation etc. are no longer visible for everyone with the 6.8 update.
  • Limited access to contact data
    With this new user right, personal data in leads and addresses will be grayed out. In detail, this includes data as shown below, as well as private and mobile phone numbers, companions and clubs/hobbies.
  • Newsletter status
    In our CRM Module it was possible before the update 6.8 to enter the newsletter status for contacts.

On our side, have already implemented processes for making databases anonymous during transfers for support purposes.

You can find additional details all about data protection on our [Website].


The news webcast about prolight+sound from April 24 2018 is available online and can be accessed under [my easyjob] – login with your customer number and zip code.


A new webcast with an introduction about the Workflow Module will be held on June 26 2018 [Webcast registration]. We also look forward to telling you more about the easyjob Time Card Module. This webcast is planned for September 4 2018 [Webcast registration].

We hope you enjoy testing our new functions in our easyjob update 6.8.!
Sunny greetings,

June 1, 2018

easyjob prolight+sound News

Welcome to our first blog post.

With this blog, my colleagues and I will inform you regularly in the future about Tips&Tricks, new features in easyjob Updates as well as future easyjob developments.

In this post, I want to give you a brief overview of the new features in easyjob Update 6.8, which we will release on May 29. Those of you who are in a hurry can, as usual, download a beta version from our update page 14 days before the release.

We will be happy to present all new features to you live at the prolight+sound [schedule an appointment] as well as during our Webcast News about prolight+sound on April 25, 2018. [register for the webcast]

easyjob Workflow Engine

After many years of development, we are proud to present the new easyjob Workflow Engine in this Update.

With the easyjob Workflow Engine Module, you can reach a fully new level with your work processes. Create your own Workflows and you will become more efficient than ever. By customizing or creating Workflows, you can optimally connect your own individual work processes with easyjob. By integrating Workflows, you can standardize your worksteps from different areas and create a new world of process optimization for yourself, your employees, and your customers. Various actions are available in order to freely configure Workflows.

Workflows are started by various triggering events, such as when creating a project.

Item Workflows make it possible to automatically book Items, Resources, and Job Costs in a Project based on the results of a query dialog.

Also release routines that are, for example, automatically triggered above a Purchase Order total of X Euros or that permit addresses to be saved only if the ZIP code is valid, can be easily reproduced with the Workflow Engine.

A license is required for the complete functional scope of the Workflow Designer. But even without a fee-related license, you can profit from the Standard Workflows we have made available free of charge.

easyjob Time Card Update

We have considerably enhanced the easyjob Time Card Module for project-related Time Cards.

To permit users to record work times faster, we have developed a clearly arranged Dashboard that is available in easyjob as well as in the App/WebApp.

With the new Rules features, work times are automatically adapted based on rules.

Rules are created so that we can adapt them flexibly in the future and to expand upon them individually for special requirements.

Currently, there are rules for overtime as well as an automatic break deduction.

With the new Actual Hour Calculation feature, the actual hours worked by a resource is updated in the Job based on what is recorded in the Time Card.

In addition, we have made various detailed improvements:

  • Advanced logging
  • Performance improvements
  • Standard settings for the display in minutes/hours
  • Enable function after recording work times and qualifications
  • Simultaneous recording of work times of multiple individuals in the App and WebApp

Project management

We have improved Project Management with the option of having Addresses as well as Days Used for Job Appointments for tours and road shows.


By differentiating between Resource Requirements and the quantity to be invoiced, it is possible to process Resource Requirements differently in the preliminary stages depending on if it is a Proposal or an Invoice.

In addition, we have made various detailed improvements:

  • Opening the Resource Plan Workspace directly from the project
  • Advanced log function

Report Engine

The integration of the new List&Label Report Engine in Version 13 includes the following improvements:

  • Improved Designer and print performance
  • Ability to customize individual font properties independently of the presettings
  • Support for digital signatures
  • Search function in the property window
  • Improved Rule Lines for report design
  • A list with design errors and the possibility to jump directly to the formula with the error
  • PDF Export with Type3 fonts for smaller file sizes
  • Many new Card Controls for use in easyjob BIC Reports
  • Keeping groups/data together

Item sorting order

It is possible to activate the free sorting of items for each Sub Category. This makes it possible to sort Items independently of alphabetical sorting within a Sub Category.

In this way, for example, important Items can be listed first within a Sub Category or cable lengths can be sorted correctly.

easyjob Room Planner

We have expanded the easyjob Room Planner to include your own Room Warehouse. The Room Warehouse can include mobile as well as fixed installed Items.

Protection of personal data

In order to better protect personal data, we have added a new right that ensures that personal information, such as a private phone number, hobbies, etc. is only made available to a limited number of users.

easyjob CRM

A great new feature for marking lists is the option to use a BIC Statistic as a Data Source. This makes it possible for you to flexibly compile a marketing list based on a wide range of key figures.

In addition, you can prepare addresses in Excel, for example, and add them to a marketing list using the clipboard.

Further detailed improvements

In addition, we have made some detailed improvements:

  • Updating supplier prices via data import
  • Deactivating tax types
  • New Contact Data Source in BIC

The features are available depending on your easyjob License Model. The functions provided exclusively for subscribers will be marked with the corresponding symbol in the easyjob Release Notes on the Update Page.

I hope you are looking forward to the next Release and hope to be able to greet you personally at the trade show or during the Webcast.

Until them, enjoy the Spring weather!


April 7, 2018